ADJ DiTec Málaga SL is a company dedicated to the distribution and integration of industrial components, materials oriented to renewable energies, projects focused on energy efficiency, solutions of different types and engineering projects founded in 2009.

In our company, our priority is quality, both of our products and of our services. We are in charge of developing different projects, such as the photovoltaic and wind installation for electrical supply and water pumping, adaptation of industrial systems, manufacture of control elements such as distribution boards, preventive and / or corrective maintenance and other projects throughout the national and international territory in countries such as Africa, South America and the European Union.

Our services are intended for both small and large clients. We offer our services to owners and / or concessionary entities throughout the national and international territory, in order to carry out industrial and energy projects that are competitive and durable. We have the best products, processes, technologies and qualified equipment that you may need, in order to offer the highest quality in carrying out projects and to ensure great satisfaction from our clients.

Our goal is to be an industrial benchmark which offers its clients a service of the highest quality, through highly qualified teams, capable of creating and sharing economic, social and environmental values among the community.

We are people with a strong culture of service, which enables us to build solid and trustworthy relationships with our clients, capable of being sustained over time.

Our employees have a flexible organization and a personalized incentive system, capable of establishing a long-lasting and quality line of work. They also stand out for individual responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit. Vocation for innovation and technological integration, while maintaining quality, safety, occupational health and environmental protection is our hallmark.

The priority in our relationships is commitment and the achievement of the objectives set. The trajectory of our relationships tends to be satisfactory, thanks to the daily work and effort that we offer, thus guaranteeing commitment and security towards both its clients and suppliers.

Commitment, effort and involvement are our goals. Loyalty, dedication and professionalism, our hallmarks.