We are a company dedicated to the distribution and integration of industrial components, renewable energy, energy efficiency, engineering solutions and projects created in 2009.

With quality and service in mind, we develop projects of photovoltaic and wind power implementation for power and water pumping, adaptation of industrial systems, manufacturing control elements such as switchboards, preventive maintenance and / or corrective and other projects to along the Spanish geography and in different countries of Latin America, Africa and the European Union.

Our services for small and large customers, owners and / or concession operators worldwide to create and operate industrial projects and energy that are competitive and durable with the best products, processes, technologies, teams and, if required, attracting the resources needed to make the best project and get the satisfaction of our customers.

We want to be an industry benchmark offering its customers high quality services through local teams able to create and share economic, social and environmental values ​​in the community.

We have a strong culture of service to build strong relationships and trust with our customers long term.

individual responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, thanks to a flexible organization and personalized incentive system that will mark a line of long-term employment in the future, vocation for innovation and technology integration, keeping par excellence in quality, safety , occupational health and environmental protection.

Our relations are based on fulfilling the commitments and achieving the objectives. His career, daily work, commitment and guarantees safety to its customers, and suppliers.

Commitment, effort and involvement are the business objectives, professional loyalty and dedication to work are our hallmarks.