New Catalogue 2013 HT Instruments

HT INSTRUMENTS, S.L. Introduces, through its new Catalog Excerpt 2013, the latest news on Instrumentation for Photovoltaic Installations, Electrical Network Analyzers, Multimeters, Amperometric Tweezers, Thermographic Cameras, Environmental Meters, LAN Analyzers up to CAT.7, as well as a wide range of GEF instrumentation. One of the most outstanding innovations in instrumentation is the new multifunction for the verification of safety and functional control in PVCHECK photovoltaic installations. Another novelty is the new Professional Thermographic Camera THT40 with a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels. The FULLTEST3 is the new multifunction equipment for the verification and certification of electrical machines according to EN60204-1: 2006 and electrical panels EN60439-1. The 4-20mA process calibrator model HT8051 has 3 voltage and current output ramps to facilitate the adjustment of all types of cells with high sensitivity. All this with features, benefits and unbeatable prices. For more information, contact your Electrical Distributor ADJ DiTe c


catalog OSIRIS

Catalalogo OSIRIS is not only a variator, it is the most complete Intelligent Irrigation Management System for the automation and control of solar photovoltaic pumping, with infinite possibilities to adapt to the needs of the client and with the best features: > ✔ All irrigation options: pumping to reservoir, direct pumping (dripping, sprinkling, pivot, ...) and pumping by daily volume.

Selector to maintain and to switch photovoltaic energy with the traditional supply

Efficient programming that optimizes the speed of the pump, keeps it stable and adjusts its speed, to obtain a higher performance based on the power generated in Each
moment by the photovoltaic field.

✔ Option of remote control through a mobile device through a computer application (AppRENTIO).

✔ Flexibility of the system , Which supports the integration of elements already installed by the client (pumps, programmers, controllers, fertirrigation, and other agro-intelligent devices).

Management of maintenance functions: operating hours, Water extraction, alarm history, ...

✔ Customization in attention to the needs of the client with numerous options: OCR (communication module for monitoring, control and remote management of equipment) > Level, pressure transducer, impulse flow meter, irradiation sensor, ...

The OSIRIS range is a compact, simple, economical, complete and quality solution to increase efficiency and reduce costs in Its solar pumping facilities.

It is specifically designed to work with standard three-phase pumps (submerged, horizontal, pool, ...) at 220 VAC ( OSIRIS 220) and to 380-400 VAC (OSIRIS 400) and to respect the environment.

Wide range of finishes and powers, to suit every installation. In addition to the standard configurations you can order the equipment for higher powers than indicated

OSIRIS Catalog (Mod. 220 and 400)


Christmas Lighting Catalog

Christmas lighting LED 2013 wreaths


LED Lighting Catalog

LED Lighting


Led catalog

The incandescent lamps is perhaps the most used invention by mankind, and also the least efficient, since we use it to obtain light, but it spends 95% of the energy consumed producing unnecessary heat. That is why the European Community has banned its manufacture and marketing by forcing the use of new technologies such as LED lighting, which has many advantages over incandescent and fluorescent light sources, such as reduced size, resistance to vibration , Low emission of heat, greater energy efficiency and mainly for the low energy consumption, and the longer life.

It is necessary to emphasize the two fundamental parameters that assure the economy: a 90 % Less consumption and 50 times the duration of an incandescent.

The LED (of Light Emitting Diode), a light emitting diode in Spanish, is a solid semiconductor device; Which makes it robust, reliable, long lasting and vibration-proof, convert electrical energy directly into light.

The first practical use of LED was developed in 1962, there begins the history of led. Since then, the development of LEDs has reached such a high level that it has already been chosen as the best alternative to incandescent lamp, neon light, fluorescent and low energy bulbs in many areas. It will surely be the illumination of the future. Here our Led Catalog ......... Catalog Led ADJ DITEC (general)


catalog Mobrey

Mobrey process instrumentation has provided industry with measurement and control of liquids, gases and dry products for over 100 years with maximum reliability.

This wide range of high quality products has been Designed for the optimization of plants and processes through the monitoring and control of level and flow.

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Led Lighting Catalog

Led Lighting


Catalog connectors for photovoltaic modules

Multi-Contact - Connector Systems MC3 and MC4

Multi-Contact AG was founded in 1962 and currently employs more than 700 people.
MC connector systems
The components of the MC connector system for the Photovoltaic branch serve for the saving of time and the safety of the serial and parallel wiring of photovoltaic panels, for solar installations integrated in roof and any other type of assembly. For practical use the MC3 and MC4 connector systems are available depending on the existing panel or inverter.
The famous connector systems MC3
Diameter Ø 3 mm < > Rated current max. 30 A to 6 mm²
max. 20A for & lt; 4 mm²
System voltage max. 1000 V
Protection mode plugged IP65
Protection class II
Temperature range -40 ° C to + 90 ° C
ITV Rheinland - Model tested
MC4 connector systems with lock
Diameter Ø 4 mm
Rated current max. 30 A
System voltage max. 1000 V
Protection mode plugged IP67
Simple assembly
Snap in locking system
Protection class II
Temperature range -40 ° C to +90 ° C
ITV Rheinland - Model tested

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CRC is a global supplier of chemical products for the industrial, automotive, nautical and electricity sectors.

In the industrial range of CRC, there are products for mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance and repair: cleaners, lubricants, anti-corrosion products, adhesives, welding products, other special products.

CRC Industries Europe, manufacturer for the European market, holds the ISO9001 Certification. We guarantee a high quality product by following strict standards in all facets of research, development and production. We try to comply with the most demanding regulations regarding safety and environmental protection.

On the other hand, CRC develops new products and adapts existing ones to meet the needs of our customers.